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Maria McKendry – Owner

buffaloBARRE® Burn

buffaloBARRE® Burn is our signature class that incorporates deep muscle toning with resistance incorporating the grace of ballet, the science of physical therapy, the flexibility of yoga and the core strengthening of Pilates.  The class emphasizes working the muscles to fatigue to develop muscle strength and endurance, stretching to create long, flexible muscles and cardio blasts to ensure you get a well-rounded workout.

*buffaloBARRE® Light

buffaloBARRE® Light is a lighter version of Buffalo Barre Burn. The class follows the same format as our signature Buffalo Barre Burn class. Appropriate for Buffalo Barre beginners, Seniors, clients that are starting a fitness routine for the first time, clients that need *multiple modifications including *pregnancy, or clients that recently had a baby.

buffaloBARRE® Express

buffaloBARRE® Express follows the same format at Buffalo Barre Burn but contains less recovery period time so you are able to do an effective, total body workout in a shorter amount of time!

buffaloBARRE® Power Core

buffaloBARRE® Power Core combines the mind-body connection of Pilates with dynamic core strengthening movements. Various props are used to get a full body toning and core strengthening workout! Mats and equipment provided. Appropriate for all levels.

buffaloBARRE® Stretch, Strength and Sweat

This class will take you to your next level of fitness! It’s a total body workout that delivers endless amounts of muscle burning, leaving you solid, toned and tight in all the right places! Please wear clean, dry sneakers.

buffaloBARRE® Sculpt

buffaloBARRE® Sculpt is a class that uses the Pilates Stick to perform traditional Pilates exercises and other functional exercises. The stick is attached to the barre and adds spring based resistance to cardio conditioning and core sculpting exercises! Get your heart rate up, define and strengthen your muscles with this amazing total body workout!

Dance Cardio

Dance Cardio is divided into two sections to channel the connection between the mind and body. The first section is non-stop movement through guided routines increasing heart rate and burning calories. In the second part of class a choreographed routine is broken down and taught one step at a time until performance mastery. This fun, fast-paced class changes weekly so your mind is always engaged and you never get bored! No dance experience required.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a flow class performed in a mildly heated room.  This type of yoga is a physical energetic workout connecting breath to movement that enhances mind-body connection becoming grounded and spiritually balanced.  Through yoga postures you will build on strength, increase endurance, release tension, and create flexibility in your body.  This is a physical form of yoga. Expect to sweat, build strength, build cardio and work on your core strength along with creating a more flexible body.  Please drink water prior to class, bring water, a yoga mat (we have extra mats if you want to use one) and come to class with an empty stomach.

Sacred Geometry Vinyasa Yoga

This class in a mildly heated room will start with breathing exercise and meditation. We focus on details and therapeutically address often neglected parts of the body by spending time on each posture. We use the measurement of the body to help establish the shape of the posture. In this Vinyasa flow you will build strength, flexibility and confidence.

Note: Our yoga does not involve chanting or religion.


First time clients – Please arrive 15 min. early for your first class to provide ample time to fill out a waiver, take a tour and meet your instructor.

*Injured Clients – It is recommended that clients with injuries consult with their physicians before beginning any new exercise routine. Please speak with your  Buffalo Barre instructor about your injury before class begins.

*Pregnant Clients – If you exercise regularly, have no serious medical problems, and an uncomplicated pregnancy, it may be safe to exercise. You must have a prescription from your physician clearing you for exercise. Please discuss with each of your instructors before you take classes.  For those who are pregnant and have not followed a consistent workout routine for the last six months, we highly advise you to postpone your participation until after the pregnancy.