Fit for Fall 60-Day Challenge Requirements

Fit for Fall Point System

Here are the requirements to successfully complete the Fit for Fall 60-Day Challenge which runs from October 1 to November 30.
Complete the challenge and you earn a free tank top (see below) from Buffalo Barre. The order form for the tank top is at the studio. Please fill out your name and desired size…XS, S, M, L, XL.

If you order a tank and do not/cannot complete the challenge…you will be charged $20. Remember, any effort is better than zero effort and the tank is like a party favor from us. The real gift will be your improved health and vitality!
Completing the challenge will enter you in raffles for baskets and gift certificates. Raffles to take place at the Fit for Fall Celebration Party, Friday, 11/30/18, 7:30pm – 8:30pm.

Required: Must take 20 classes in 60 days AND earn a total of 15 points.

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Ways to earn 15 points:
1.) 1 point – Take a 7:30am or 6:30am class. 1 point for each class.
2.) 1 point – Try a Tae-Bo® class for the first time.
3.) 1 point – Try a Yoga class for the first time.
4.) 2 points – Bring a friend to class. ($10 first class)
5.) 1 point – Join our Private Facebook Group- “Barre Bosses – Women Who Support Each Other” if you haven’t already…if you have already did, thank you and we have other ways for you to score a point.
6.) 5 points – Share your “before” photo in the private Facebook group. Full body photo that shows arms and legs please.
7.) 1 point – Engage in our private Facebook group by commenting on posts dated 10/1/18 or later. One comment per post. Earn up to 5 points this way!
8.) 5 points – Share your “before and after” photos on your personal Facebook page and tag Buffalo Barre so your friends can see your success! Full body photo that shows arms and legs please.
9.) 1 point – Share a photo of yourself or anything at the studio on your personal Facebook or Instagram page and tag Buffalo Barre. Earn up to 5 points this way!
10.) 10 points – Join our “Live Your Best Life with Maria and Nora” membership for at least 2 months. Click on the link for more info. and join.
11.) 2 points – Post a photo on Facebook/Instagram of a meal you made from over 65 recipes in our “Live Your Best Life with Maria and Nora” membership site…(refer to #10.)
12.) 5 points – Get our 10 videos to do at home on days you can’t make it to the studio or to double up on your workouts! Keep the videos forever. Link to videos and more info.
13.) 5 points – Get our 7 Day Fat-Burning Meal Plan and watch the pounds melt away.
14.) 5 points – Choose safer skin care and makeup, support the movement for stricter cosmetic regulations and make a Beautycounter® purchase of any amount. Maria’s link: . For even more info. please reply to this email with your questions or attend the “Makeup & Mimosas” event at the studio on Sunday, Oct. 7, 11:15am.
15.) 5 points – Take part in the 5-Day Guide to Overcome Emotional Eating. More about this program and how I found it HERE.

Don’t forget to use our hashtag #buffalobarrefitforfall in your social media posts.
Let’s have fun with this! Good luck Barre Bosses!!! Let’s do this…together!

Maria McKendry

Buffalo Barre Owner, PT