Class Attire


Maria McKendry, Owner



We recommend that students wear capri or full length fitted workout pants for barre. Some of our exercises in barre require squeezing a ball behind the knee and it won’t stay there if your pants are too loose. Tight fitting pants also allow the instructor to see your form such as when your knee should be bent vs. straight. Looser pants for yoga are acceptable. Sweatpants will be too warm as they do not breathe well. Most students choose to wear tank tops or t-shirts. A moisture wicking type of fabric is best for pants and shirts. If it’s cold outside and you want to wear your fleece, long sleeves or sweatpants make sure you can shed the layer and have something cooler on underneath. Long hair should be pulled back so it’s out of the way. Socks are required for classes except yoga. We require grippy socks (socks with tread on the bottom.) The socks keep our studio odor free, prevent hygiene issues and keep you safe by preventing slippage on the floor. We sell the socks at the studio and they range from $15-$18.