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“Buffalo Barre Saved My Life”

A very good day is when an email like this one below shows up in your inbox. It reaffirms faith in areas that may haveView full post »

Coco for Coco-nuts, part two!

More evidence here  to support the numerous benefits of coconut oil.  This stuff is incredible!! We can go on and onView full post »

Pumpkin Cacao Protein Bites

This is the perfect Fall treat. Packed with flavor, protein and spices, this nutritious treat is gluten and dairy-free.View full post »

Coco for Coco-nuts!

There are many, many benefits to incorporating coconut oil into your daily routine.  Let’s take a minute to talkView full post »

Summer Bread

A few years ago I decided to make zucchini bread and tweak it like this so that it was vegan. So why is it called “View full post »

Fit for Fall Calendar of Special Classes and Events

Fit for Fall Challenge Circuit HIIT – Maria, 10/3, 9:30am Beginner’s Yoga – Renee, Sat. 10/6, 9am Makeup andView full post »

5 Day Guide to Overcome Emotional Eating

Dear Buffalo Barre Goddess, On October 1 we will start our Fit for Fall 60-Day Challenge. We have OVER 30 interestingView full post »

Fit for Fall 60-Day Challenge Requirements

Fit for Fall Point System Here are the requirements to successfully complete the Fit for Fall 60-Day Challenge whichView full post »

Joint Healing Smoothie

This smoothie has Indian healing spices and will transform you from the inside out. It decreases stress, improves moodView full post »

Child’s Pose

Channel your inner child with Nora for a quick and easy “re-set”, encouraging calm and tranquility. ThisView full post »

Back to School, Back to Barre

Back to School, Back to Barre special! Stock up on your classes for Fall. 10 Classes $139, exp. 1 yr. See you at theView full post »

Let’s Twist!

Watch Nora as she leads us through an exercise that will improve digestion, maintain normal spinal rotation, reduce backView full post »

Smokey Eye Tutorial with Beautycounter®

In this video with Maria, you will learn how to achieve a SMOKEY EYE look with Beautycounter. Links to the products usedView full post »

6 Easy Leg Stretches in 6 Minutes!

Do you suffer from pain and inflexibility in your hips, lower back or legs? If you answered yes, this video is for you!View full post »

Cacao Superfood Smoothie

This Cacao Superfood Smoothie will boost your mood, metabolism, is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, improves heartView full post »