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Let’s Get Ready to Party!

Like it or not, Here we are.  The Holiday Season has arrived.  Seems to come earlier and earlier each year, or are weView full post »

Coco for Coco-nuts, part two!

More evidence here  to support the numerous benefits of coconut oil.  This stuff is incredible!! We can go on and onView full post »

Coco for Coco-nuts!

There are many, many benefits to incorporating coconut oil into your daily routine.  Let’s take a minute to talkView full post »

Child’s Pose

Channel your inner child with Nora for a quick and easy “re-set”, encouraging calm and tranquility. ThisView full post »

Let’s Twist!

Watch Nora as she leads us through an exercise that will improve digestion, maintain normal spinal rotation, reduce backView full post »

Smokey Eye Tutorial with Beautycounter®

In this video with Maria, you will learn how to achieve a SMOKEY EYE look with Beautycounter. Links to the products usedView full post »

Let’s Take a Beauty Break!

 ​​​​​​ We all need a break every now and then, and personally, we can’t think of a better diversionView full post »