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Subject: I Started Doing This for a Total Body Workout!


Summertime (enter time of year) is in full swing!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been very busy (enter your pastimes that keep you busy) working and trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible! With so many graduation parties, weddings, family BBQs, and more…I’m having to make even more of an effort to find time to exercise!

Recently, I decided to try something new! My friend, Maria McKendry, a physical therapist, designed an amazing workout called Buffalo Barre. She has a studio in New York but now you can do her workouts right from the comfort of your own home! No more trying to find time to get to the studio or find a babysitter for your little ones so you can work out.

I was interested in “barre” and what it was all about. You hear of barre studios popping up all over the country and people (especially women) are flocking to them! I had a chance to review the best online barre workout programs, and I’m super-excited to tell you that my friend, Maria McKendry and her colleague Nora Green, have the absolute BEST one for you.

(Enter photo of Maria and Nora)

Nora Egan-Green and Maria McKendry

Here’s what I found: Buffalo Barre’s streaming videos are safe, effective and easy-to-follow!

In just 2 weeks, you will start to see and feel changes in your body. Amazing!

Maria is a leader in the barre fitness industry and has worked with thousands of people to get toned and sexy over the past 5 years…and with 21 years as a licensed physical therapist, she has an incredible amount of knowledge about fitness and safe techniques.

Here’s what I LOVE about Buffalo Barre’s workouts:

·        Minimal equipment is needed. No ballet barre required.

·        No experience necessary. It’s not a dance class!

·        It is low-impact, and helps reduce stress.

·        It will improve your posture, increase your flexibility, and improve your balance.

·        It works you from head to toe.

·        Working the muscles to fatigue creates a burn that fosters its own “barre high.” You’ll feel great after your workout!

·        The workouts can be modified for any fitness level, any age level.

·        The workouts burn between 350-550 calories per hour– this means it’s an effective workout for people short on time.

Just look at this transformation! (Insert a transformation photo from this link https://www.buffalobarre.com/?page_id=2535.)

Interested in a new, safe and effective way to exercise?

I know I’m excited to continue working out with Buffalo Barre. It’s good to try new things and keep your muscles guessing by switching up your routine!

Alrighty, so let’s do this together!

Sign up for Buffalo Barre’s online workouts now! (link with Hoplink:http://YOURCLICKBANKID.bflobarre.hop.clickbank.net/  )

Any questions, contact buffaloBARRE@gmail.com.