5 Day Guide to Overcome Emotional Eating

Dear Buffalo Barre Goddess,

On October 1 we will start our Fit for Fall 60-Day Challenge. We have OVER 30 interesting and fun classes lined up for you!!! The Buffalo Barre Team has spent a great deal of time collaborating to make this our BEST challenge yet. We’re always trying to make the challenges fresh and much more than just taking a certain # of classes in a certain amount of time. I truly think this is the best challenge yet.

I spent a good amount of time traveling this Summer and although it’s hard for me to be away from my family and the studio, I think that over the next few months it’s all going to pay off…for all of you. My travels were the perfect mix of personal and professional and my eyes and ears were open to new possibilities. When traveling, I think that who you’re with is so much more important than where you are. I love meeting other like-minded female entrepreneurs that are totally rocking it in life and business and I love sharing the successes and struggles that we have. Below you will read about someone I met during my travels. Her name is Amy and she has devoted her career to something that fits in perfectly with my core values and beliefs for Buffalo Barre. I think it’s something many of us can benefit from and it’s a perfect supplement to our programs at Buffalo Barre. Bonus…it’s easy to do and feels good.

Have you ever wanted to eat healthy consistently or lose weight without being on a strict diet….but not quite sure how to go about doing it – the right way?

If so, you’re in for a treat because I’m excited to let you know that my friend and colleague, Amy Pamensky, Eating Psychology Expert and Clinical Nutritionist, has generously shared a FREE program to not only help you understand the root cause of your unwanted overeating habits, but also create new habits for a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

In this program, she will be sharing a simple 5-step guide to overcome emotional eating and end your yo-yo dieting cycle so that you can lose weight and create a healthier relationship with food again.

Click here to sign up for the FREE online video training now.

As you know, there are countless diet programs available to help you lose weight. And if you are like most busy women, you probably feel overwhelmed or even confused about how to move forward without wasting your time or money.

That’s why I wanted Amy to share her insights and step-by-step guide with you. After working in the nutrition arena since 2013, she has helped hundreds of women who are tired of dieting to understand why they are overeating, and how to overcome emotional eating to create sustainable healthy eating habits that last.

If this is of interest to you, then click here to register and get started right away. This program is going to be available for a limited time only, so make sure to take Amy up on her free offer before it’s too late. We are offering 5 points towards the challenge for completing Amy’s program…(you need a total of 15 points…separate from the 20 required classes:) ) so….let’s do this goddesses!

Health and Happiness,

Maria McKendry

Buffalo Barre Owner, PT