Samantha’s Transformation


Samantha shared her before and after pictures with us to document the incredible journey she’s been on since joining buffaloBARRE® and slimming down 4 dress sizes!

Fitness and wellness SHOULD be fun! The secret to success is finding something that fires you up & gets you excited to come to class every day. We are so proud (and honored) to have built that community for Sam, and so many women like her!

She was always beautiful, but she’s so much STRONGER now- body and spirit!

In Samantha’s words:

“The studio is filled with amazing and encouraging women, everyone is there working to bring out the best in themselves and that makes for an inspiring and welcoming atmosphere!

I usually attend Danielle’s classes and she is so much fun! She has this insane amount of energy and a sense of humor that can make everyone laugh, even when we’re in the middle of a challenging leg set at the barre.

Can’t wait for many more classes to come!”