Our Method

Buffalo BarrebuffaloBARRE® “Setting the Barre and Defining a New You” highlights our commitment to bring you the very best group fitness classes in a female-oriented, boutique setting. The  buffaloBARRE® technique involves principles of physical therapy, Pilates, ballet and yoga. The main focus is to deliver an effective and safe workout with emphasis on form. The buffaloBARRE® technique can be modified for all fitness levels. buffaloBARRE® offers a variety of classes including Barre, Pilates and Yoga, each incorporating different props. The main prop is the ballet barre which is fixed to a wall. Although the barre classes are rooted in ballet, no dance experience is required.  We combine use of the barre, various props for resistance, exceptional instruction and choreography to maximize your results. Our method involves low impact total body strengthening, stretching, cardiovascular conditioning, postural and balance training, each providing you with proven health benefits! buffaloBARRE® is dedicated to taking women’s fitness to the next level, creating a supportive environment and motivating you to achieve your fitness goals. Our highly skilled instructors offer a variety of classes, nutrition workshops, challenges and special events. The results are strong, elongated, defined and lean muscles that will make you feel healthier and keep you coming back for more!