~”Classes at buffaloBARRE are designed by owner, Maria McKendry and target multiple muscle groups, strengthen the mind-body connection and offer clients a safe and invigorating workout. As a physical therapist, Maria’s approach to teaching barre class considers the capabilities of each person and easily adjusts exercises to accommodate individual needs. Maria has become a favorite guest teacher for Friday Forum classes at UB Dance. Her energy is infectious inspiring both her studio clients and the dance majors. One thing is for sure, a buffaloBARRE workout challenges every-body!” ~Jeanne Fornarola, Associate Clinical Professor, Director of Dance, University at Buffalo


~”Buffalo Barre is amazing. They make me want to work out. The instructors are awesome, so attentive and make working out a truly enjoyable experience. The studio is beautiful and their music selection is AWESOME. You work your butt off and leave feeling extremely relaxed and like you truly accomplished something! ” Katie W. – East Amherst, NY


~”I love attending classes at Buffalo Barre. The teachers are excellent,  the classes are challenging and the atmosphere is welcoming. It’s been only a month and a half and the results of the yoga and barre classes are awesome:)”  Anne R. – Williamsville, NY


~”Buffalo Barre is an amazing place to break a sweat!! Each instructor does an excellent job making sure whomever takes their class is getting the best workout!!!” Luciana F.-Snyder, NY


~”Excellent workout!  A great place to get toned…even for beginners.  Loving the 30 day challenge!  It’s addicting!” Ellen N. – Williamsville, NY


~ (Regarding the 30 Day Challenge) “This is only the start!  The classes at Buffalo Barre are fantastic for every level of ability.  Maria, Lynnette and Renee know their stuff and make it challenging for the novice (me) as well as the advanced (all you marathon runners and ladies with perfect form!)  I’m so excited at my progress so far and know by the time of my two neices’ weddings I will have made my goal!” Chris B. – Clarence Center, NY
~ “After my third child was born, my body was officially a mess. The stress and exhaustion from taking care of two toddlers and a newborn led me to quickly put my own personal health at the bottom of my priority list.  When I was finally ready to make a change and take control back of my body, I began a fitness regimen on my own. It was going well, but became monotonous. I needed to add something new to spice up my workout routine.
When I heard Maria was opening Buffalo Barre, it immediately sparked my interest due to my previous ballet experience. At first I was nervous to sign up for class because I didn’t know what to expect and was worried about failure. I quickly learned that the class is designed so you can’t fail. Maria wants everyone to find success and offers options to individualize the movements so everyone can work toward their fitness goals at their own pace. Class size is small, which encourages camaraderie and offers opportunity for more individualized attention from Maria. The class always consists of a group of great women with common goals – to be healthy, lean, and strong.
Maria is a highly skilled athlete and barre instructor. She challenges and motivates everyone to push through the burn! This class certainly lives up to the name.  It’s an intense, full body workout that BURNS.  I attend class regularly because I’ve grown to crave that burn!
Buffalo Barre classes have accelerated my weight loss.  I noticed significant changes in my body within a few classes. The intense small movements paired with the deep stretching have made me feel stronger and leaner. I’ve also seen considerable improvement in my flexibility.
I highly recommend taking this class taught by the amazing Maria…the only certified barre instructor in Buffalo. Buffalo Barre delivers a powerful burn that produces incredible results!” Nicole – Clarence, NY


~ “I have been attending Buffalo Barre weekly since May 2012 and I am completely addicted!  Maria is an excellent instructor whose key focus is ensuring people are challenged and motivated to continue with the class and obtain the results we want! As a mom with two young children, I was looking for a class that would tone up my body and boost my energy for keeping up with my little ones. I am constantly telling my husband to ‘feel my muscles’ as I can’t even believe the change I have seen in my body! I feel leaner, stronger and more energized! I look forward every week to Maria’s class and I am always excited to see what new moves she will introduce!” Stephanie – Clarence, NY


~” I have only been working with Maria for a month, but she has made a profound and positive impact on me. As a part-time Physical Education instructor and former dancer myself, I have always dealt with various injuries and I know how to work out safely and effectively. However- since hitting the big 4-0 and experiencing a few significant injury setbacks during the past 6 years or so, with slower recoveries; I did not realize that I had lowered expectations on my OWN capabilities even though I can coach others to achieve great fitness outcomes. When I first walked into Maria’s class, I was impressed by her kindness and humility – but she has also now gained my confidence and respect in her athletic knowledge and good class design which is seamlessly worked into the fun! Because of Maria’s classes and observant coaching—I am breaking into a new level of fitness I think I was fearful to aim for and -unconsciously -did not fully believe that I would achieve again…. Thank you, Maria! I definitely count you among my blessings this Holiday season. Diane – Buffalo, NY


~”I started taking Maria’s class shortly after I got engaged in May after reading about barre classes online.  I was quite excited to see that the trend had finally made it to Buffalo.  After my first class, I couldn’t walk for 2 days, so I knew she was doing something right!  I tried to go as much as my work schedule would allow throughout my engagement and over time I began to notice that muscles in my legs were noticeable and I was developing a more athletically toned body.  Not only was it great because I was getting trimmer, but my muscles were getting stronger.  During this time, I was also training for a 10 mile run that I ran 2 days before my wedding and because of her class, I noticed that the strengthening of my legs was also improving my running and was alleviating the ITB pain I had experienced in the past.  I love that Maria is a knowledgeable athlete and  knows the ways that the exercises can help improve overall fitness.” Kate – Lancaster, NY


~”12 weeks ago, I began my Buffalo Barre adventure faithfully attending your fun, albeit challenging classes 3 times a week. Today at my biometric screening I was THRILLED to find out that my overall cholesterol number dropped by 35 points, my HDL (good cholesterol) raised 8 points, & my LDL (bad cholesterol) dropped 42 points!!  I am attributing my numbers dropping success to my efforts at the barre! I originally started coming to class to increase my upper body strength, as a neck injury had prevented me from continuing with Krav Maga training over a year ago and I was looking for a new way to become more physically fit. Although my scale does not differ, I know I am getting stronger (& hopefully toner) and now my blood and heart are healthier as well! Thank you Maria for your motivation & encouragement and your expertise and talents! I tip my grippy socks to you…via 1st position, 2nd position, attitude, battement & pique!!! You are amazing!” Wendy – Amherst, NY


~”Since beginning this class in Nov 2012 I cannot believe the change in my physique. Maria has an unique charm that motivates you to continue even when you feel like your legs are ready to fall off.  In addition to her motivation, Maria’s creativity makes the class fun and enjoyable. An amazing studio that I would highly recommend!” Lisa R.- South Wales, NY


~”I have always worked out at home either in front of my T.V. or in my basement on various machines.  I never wanted to join a gym or take any classes out of my home…. However my sister told me about this class and she thought I would really like it.  After taking my first class I am totally hooked!!  It is awesome.  So for all of you stuck at home or if you just need to switch it up please give Buffalo Barre a try. It’s totally worth it!” Laura A.- Lancaster, NY


~”I was so excited to find the original barre class in the Buffalo area last year.  Maria leads the best workouts, is an inspirational athlete and an amazing person.  Not only did she make me fall in love with barre, she inspired me to begin running and the positivity changed my fitness outlook for life.  Her classes are tough but she leads with a smile and she always has a new idea in her pocket to make class fun!  If you are looking for a great workout to kickstart your routine, go to Buffalo Barre!” Corey L.- East Amherst, NY


~”This barre class is amazing.  Maria wastes no time  to get to the burn…and oh the after burn!  It keeps me coming back for more.  I have found a workout that I love and I’ll continue to stick with Maria and Buffalo Barre.  Thank you Maria for helping me concentrate on me again!” Laureen D. – Clarence Center, NY


~”I started Maria’s class in February of 2013. It is by far THE best workout! Maria makes you feel comfortable and always has a positive attitude. I can see and feel my body making a great transition …. :)” Cathy P. – East Amherst, NY


~”I love this barre class! Maria is a great instructor, she makes class fun and gives you the push you need to make it through the workout. You will definitely feel the burn and see results.  Highly recommend any class offered by Buffalo Barre!” Jen D. – Lancaster, NY


~”Maria is an amazing person and instructor! I love the burn and the muscle definition I’ve achieved by taking Buffalo Barre classes. I would recommend this class and Maria hands down :-)” Rene G – Lockport, NY


~”Buffalo Barre is amazing! I have tried other barre classes in Buffalo but haven’t found anything that compares.  Instructors offer clear instruction on technique and the studio offers a welcoming environment for all fitness levels. The results I have seen are well worth the drive from the city.” Jane M. – Buffalo, NY


~”Thanks to Maria McKendry, Lynette & Renne for making this 30 challenge so much fun:) You ladies are fantastic instructors and a great source of inspiration! I’m lucky to have met the other participants who are all so supportive of each other and helped motivate me…I love the variety of classes offered and the discussions about healthy nutrition. Only a few changes in my diet made a big difference in how I feel. I’m so happy with the results and I feel great:) Looking forward to continued success with all of you!”  Maureen D. – Wlliamsville, NY


~”The numbers don’t lie ladies. 3 days a week of working muscles to some good music with Maria McKendry + some minor shifts in eating habits helped by a few nutrition sessions = 8 1/2 lbs lost & over 4 inches off of my waist! The 30-day Challenge has been more transformational than I had expected.  I thought it would just kick start my work out but I’ve learned interesting alternative views on nutrition as well. I highly recommend the 30-Day Challenge at Buffalo Barre. Thank you Maria!”  Jeanne E. – Snyder, NY


~”Hi Maria, I wanted to share some exciting news with you and anyone thinking about starting classes at Buffalo Barre. About a year and a half ago I had a heel scan at a health fair that indicated I may have osteopenia. This was confirmed by my doctor with a bone density test even though I am not menopausal. My doctor wanted me to start a prescription, but I asked for time to do weight bearing exercise to see if I could avoid medication. She agreed, giving me the year to try without medication, and I just had the test repeated. Thanks to the work that I have done at Buffalo Barre (it’s the only change I made, no supplements or anything else) my bone loss stabilized …no more loss, which means no medication at this time. You all push me and sometimes I make faces because I feel like I don’t have any gas left in the tank, but it’s really worth it. Not only do I feel better than ever, but my bones are in better shape too! Thank you!” ~Amy G., Clarence, NY