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Take your workouts to the next level with BUFFALO BARRE’s new online video training.

Want to feel better in your skinny jeans? Or finally wear that cute sleeveless top you’ve been avoiding? Or simply feel stronger and leaner every day? So many of us tell ourselves that we’ll achieve these goals tomorrow.

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In the past, BUFFALO BARRE has been dedicated to helping people of all walks of life find their best bodies through in-studio workouts. Now, we’re reaching out to you right in your own home. No more excuses, and no more tomorrows. Today, we’re going to work together to accomplish your goals.


Using our video workouts is easy. Sign up for a subscription and then log into our user website. You will find new videos being uploaded every month, so you will have endless access to a variety that keeps you interested and challenged.

We strive to make our videos just like coming into class, with real encouragement, tons of fun, and a great workout. Together, we can help you discover the amazing strength that you’ve always had lurking in your body.

The buffaloBARRE® technique combines strength training and cardiovascular fitness in a fun, easy-to-follow workout. The best part? Absolutely no dance or fitness experience is required to get started with our videos! Unlike traditional workout DVDs, we created numerous shorter videos so that you can change up your workout every day to keep things interesting and your muscles guessing. Why not take a look for yourself?

Here's a 3 minute sample of our Booty Burn video with Maria!

Join now. $15/month FOR ALL VIDEOS. All subscriptions auto-renew. New videos added monthly. Cancel anytime.

Other benefits of the buffaloBARRE® method include:

  • Minimal equipment is needed.
  • It is low-impact, and helps reduce stress.
  • It will improve your posture, increase your flexibility, and improve your balance.
  • It works you from head to toe.
  • Working the muscles to fatigue creates a burn that fosters its own “barre high.” You’ll feel great after your workout!
  • The workouts can be modified for any fitness level, any age level.
  • The workouts burn between 350-550 calories per class by working the largest muscle groups in the body like the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes – this means it’s an effective workout for people short on time.
  • Ready to get started? It’s easy! Sign up for our flexible subscriptions!

What to Expect with buffaloBARRE®

If you are like many others that come to our studio, you have tried other fitness programs or diet plans that have failed you. buffaloBARRE® is different. By offering a workout program that combines a true challenge with easy-to-modify movements, as well as a culture of fun and celebration for your every achievement, we have seen amazing transformations. Our experience tells us that you will feel better, stronger, and leaner after completing six videos within two weeks. Your energy levels will skyrocket, and you will feel so amazing after having completed the challenge, that you won’t be able to hold back from tackling more! That’s the buffaloBARRE® change that we love to see.

Our new video subscription offers these benefits to anyone, anywhere.

As a leader in barre fitness, BUFFALO BARRE is owned and operated by founder Maria McKendry, a physical therapist and accomplished athlete. Our classes are a unique combination of barre fitness, yoga, Pilates, and circuit training – all developed with a variety of fitness levels in mind.  Nora Egan-Green is buffaloBARRE® Certified, ACE Group Fitness Instructor Certified.

By offering access to online videos, Maria and the team at BUFFALO BARRE will be able to bring this program to you at your convenience. Work out whenever and wherever you are.

  • Busy parents can work out during nap time, getting their favorite buffaloBARRE® classes in even if they can’t get a free moment.
  • On the road for work? The buffaloBARRE® technique can be performed in a hotel with minimal equipment.
  • Working shifts that don’t allow you to catch a class at BUFFALO BARRE? Use our videos to stay in shape and feeling great.
  • Want to wet your feet before you come in for a class? We understand. Try a few of our videos for a month or two, and then join us!
  • Live outside of Buffalo, but want the great benefits of Maria’s barre fitness style? BUFFALO BARRE videos are available to anyone with an Internet connection. The videos are fully device responsive – working beautifully on computers, tablets and phones.

Getting started is easy. Choose the subscription model that works for you, and start streaming videos instantly.

Join now. $15/month FOR ALL VIDEOS. All subscriptions auto-renew. New videos added monthly. Cancel anytime.

buffaloBARRE® Works

We have seen the incredible changes that buffaloBARRE® has made in our lives, and in the lives of our students. Here’s what some of them had to say after falling in love with this program:


“The before picture taken in mid-January was my “I need to do something moment”. I was working out but lost my passion and drive for it and was eating whatever I wanted. I did lose about 10 pounds before I walked into Buffalo Barre but I was still extremely out of shape. I had no core strength at all, I could not hold a plank or finish any core exercises. In just one month I have lost another 7 pounds and my body has changed drastically. I can now hold a plank, my midsection has been melting away and I have tightened up drastically. I think twice now when I want to have a cheat meal because I work so hard in class. The instructors are always pushing me when I think I can’t do it, I’m in positions now that I could not physically do on the first day and the amount of calories burned in class are crazy. The other women are constantly motivating and inspiring me to work harder. I can definitely now say my passion and drive is back to continue working on the healthier version of me…mind, body and soul.” ~Kristen C.

I’m so excited to share my story. Some of you may or may not know that I’ve been going to Buffalo Barre since 2012. The first class I took was amazing and I knew this was the place where I would be working out for a very long time. It became a routine for me putting everything aside to go to my morning class. Fast forward to 2015. I was feeling something was wrong in my hip area on both sides. My range of motion was becoming less and less but I continued to work out at Buffalo Barre. There came a day where the pain in my hips was extremely bad. I was diagnosed with moderate to severe arthritis in both hips and I was told that within six months I would be using a walker or cane. At firstI was very upset but then said to myself I will not let this happen I will continue to work out. I received hip injections which helped me and the doctor who was performing the procedure said to me you have amazing strong muscle tone around your hips which is helping you immensely. I told him that I work out at Buffalo Barre and he said that the muscle build up is what is protecting my hips so keep doing what I’m doing. I continue to work out at Buffalo Barre and I feel that I am in the greatest shape that I have ever been in my life! I attribute that to none other than Maria McKendry and her amazing staff. I do not use a walker nor do I use a cane and I will never have to. I hope my story will inspire others to not give up to keep going no matter how little you do or how much you do, be consistent, being mindful, be healthy.” ~ Cathy P.

“I used to hate going to the gym because once I would get to the gym, I didn’t know what to really do besides the basics! I wanted to get into some sort of work out class. One of my girlfriends told me about Buffalo Barre. I figured, why not?! My first class with Maria was such a challenge. I said to myself about 5 times during that class, ‘I am never coming back!’ A couple days went by and I realized I had never felt better! So I gave it another go! One class turned into going to class a couple times a week and absolutely loving it! Sometimes you have to push yourself through to begin to find enjoyment! I started noticing results after my first month there and that just motivated me even more! Everyone was beyond welcoming and encouraging! It is by far the best workout! I lost 40 lbs. and have never felt better!” – Cara

"Slimmed down 4 dress sizes!"
"Improvements all around: legs, core, arms!!"
"I've lost 44 lbs! I have more muscle tone & energy on a daily basis"
I love how the smallest movements make the biggest difference!"
-Nicole C.

Find Balance with Your Schedule

We know that not everyone is able to get into the gym or a class at BUFFALO BARRE all the time. Busy schedules and full lives leave little time, even for something as important as fitness. But we firmly believe that you’ll feel more energized, more confident, and less stressed after just two weeks of buffaloBARRE® videos.

We’ve made it easy for you to find balance with your own schedule.

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Buffalo Barre…Anytime, Anywhere

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Join now. $15/month FOR ALL VIDEOS. All subscriptions auto-renew. New videos added monthly. Cancel anytime.

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